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Hudson Valley District

Contract Highlights

Strong Wage Increases

  • Our agreement guarantees a wage increase of $0.60 cents per hour each year, a $2.40 hourly increase over the four years of the contract.

Minimum Wage Rates for Currently Working Members










Other Improvements

  • 2 additional paid sick days for part time workers. Effective January 1, 2020, all workers will have 7 paid sick days each year
  • New employees can use up to 3 paid sick days after 90 days (3 months) and additional paid sick days after 270 days (9 months)
  • 1 paid day off in the event of the death of a grandchild
  • Job posting language: All vacant positions must be posted within 14 calendar days of vacancy, posting in Spanish and English, vacancy posted for 7 calendar days, position must be filled within 14 calendar days after posting period
  • 14 calendar days advance notice of schedule changes for regularly scheduled employees. No retaliatory or preferential schedule changes
  • Strong and clear language to protect workers against sexual harassment on the job
  • Joint committee to develop a training program for lead persons

We maintained all of our benefits with no cutbacks

  • Employers will pay the increased cost of the health insurance, and continue to pay the cost for the legal, training and other benefits
  • No changes to the contract language on overtime or other reductions to our standards

NOTE:  This is a summary of the major changes to the union contract.  Once the contract is ratified, the union will distribute copies of the agreement to all members that will have the final, legally enforceable language.

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