Building Justice

W. Pennsylvania District

Contract Highlights







CBD Increase





CBD Rate






Tier 1 Increase





Tier 1 Rate






Tier 2 Increase





Tier 2 Rate






In 2020, the new hire wage phase-in will be extended to 1 year (beginning at $1.00 below the above rates), and in 2022 it will be extend to 18 months beginning at $1.50 below the rate. IN 2022, the new hire wage phase-in for tier 2 buildings will be increased from $0.50 to $0.75.


Health Benefits:

Maintain health coverage through the 32BJ Benefit Funds at no cost to the individual member.






CBD Rate





CBD Dependent Buy-Up





Tier 1 & 2






Pension Benefits

Maintain pension benefits in the Central Business District by increasing the hourly contribution rate as follows:






CBD Increase





CBD Rate







Sick Days, Holidays and other Improvements

Improvements as follows:

  • Tier 1 will be expanded to cover all buildings within the City of Pittsburgh
  • The Central Business District will be expanded to include the Federal North Medical Office Building (subject to phase-in negotiations with All Purpose)
  • Convert 2 floating holidays to the Day After Thanksgiving and Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birthday in the CBD
  • Increase the number of sick/PTO Days for ­­­ in Tier 1 buildings from 2 to 5.
  • Allow for new hires in CBD and Tier 1 Buildings to accrue sick days during first year of employment.
  • New hires will have 30 minutes of paid time for new member orientation meetings
  • Phase out Light Cleaner job classification



Extra System

Strengthen and improve the extra system by:

  • Ensuring that all buildings must maintain an extra list
  • Allowing Extras to access work across multiple buildings
  • Allowing Extras to bid by seniority on bid jobs at any building where they have worked
  • Prioritizing giving work to Extras over assigning additional work to Regular Employees
  • Protecting Regular Employees’ workload if they are assigned additional work



Sexual Harassment

The Employers agreed to a comprehensive procedure designed to stop sexual harassment of our members at work.  Sexual harassment by supervisors, tenants, and even coworkers has been on the rise and this procedure provides a mechanism that compels each Employer to conduct a thorough investigation of each complaint, involve the Union, and protect the accuser and witnesses against the accused, and from any retaliation.  Employees can now address their complaint confidentially, without fear of retaliation or involuntary transfer, and each investigation will involve the Union and should result in discipline for a guilty party, and require notice to even a third party tenant, contractor, etc. of the outcome of these allegations and a recommendation for action to prevent further misconduct.

Additional Improvements Negotiated


Payroll:                              It will be mandatory for all employers to offer Direct Deposit.


Medical Marijuana:          Add drug testing protections for anyone with a valid medical marijuana prescription


Seniority                            Protect members from unfair displacement based on shift


Community Hiring            The Employers will work with the Union to support a community-based training and job placement initiative

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